Flu Jeans
(Fashion Like You)


Flu Jeans
(Fashion Like You)


Flu Jeans
(Fashion Like You)

About Us

FLU (Fashion Like You) Brand was incorporated by A.G.Apparels in year 1990 with a career in denim spanning over 30 years, Charanjit Singh took jeans from work wear and made them fashionable.

The Perfect Fit philosophy guides FLU Jeans in designing the jeans that perfectly fit the lifestyles, body types and quality expectations of its customers. The Focus for Flu jeans is Premium quality. Our raw material, procured from top names like Arvind Limited, Vardhman Textiles and Raymond Limited.

The brand’s strategy is built on ‘sustainable growth through quality’ with People, Innovation, Dynamism and Nature as key values driving the brand. As a brand whose heart beats with denim, FLU Jeans works passionately to develop the world’s best and most innovative jeans while keeping its focus on ‘quality’ for sustainable growth. Driven by respect for people, passion for innovation, and focus on data and efficiency in operations, FLU Jeans is synonymous with quality. The debut in the early 90’s with collection composed of style, futuristic, up to date and fashionable, that fits well and is flattering in all the right places, that look cool and undeniably modern has now resulted in a mass sale of the brand having distributors, dealers, whole sellers and retailers, all over the country.

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The sales and distribution of thousands of pairs of FLU jeans to our approx. 2,400 distributors and retails all over the country through it’s sales office situated at Patel Nagar, New Delhi in the supervision of all its director.

FLU Jeans has been known for its quality products among its customers. We believe quality is an important driver to earn customers loyalty. FLU Jeans has been developed quality control infrastructure to provide utmost excellence standards on all production stages. Every fabric is closely inspected at every stage. The fabric is wrapped properly to ensure fabric is safe from any sort of damage caused during the journey.


Real denim jeans will contain only denim.

At FLU Jeans, we understand what it means to create original denim. Our materials are of the highest quality, and our workmanship is always the best. We make denim jeans the way they were intended to be made: to last for a long time.


We couldn’t find the jeans we wanted to wear in the market, so we set out to design and make the perfect pair of jeans that we wanted to wear ourselves.

We’re very proud of the fact that we been designing denim for over two decades now having their huge production set up for manufacturing and all our products at Rama Road New Delhi along with special processing’s done in Mumbai and Ahmedabad under the supervision of our professional and skilled staff.

We spend a lot of time and energy thinking about the look of denim; the features that the consumer can touch and feel. We work closely with our mills to get the perfect cast of the indigo and the most authentic visual characteristics — also making sure the cloth is comfortable and easy to wear.

Meet Our Clients

Our clients

Join the FLU Jeans community and be a part of our satisfied customers who embrace style, comfort, and quality.

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